AGES 13+


AGES 13+

Class Times:

Mondays Ballet II/III 6:15-6:55pm

Mondays IV/V + Pointe* 7:00-7:55pm

Tuesdays Ballet III/IV* 5:30-6:10pm

Wednesdays Ballet II/III 6:15-6:55pm

Wednesdays Pre-Pointe/Pointe I 7:00-7:30pm

Thursdays Ballet III/IV* 6:00-6:55pm

Thursdays Ballet IV/V* 6:00-6:55pm


Class Times:

Mondays Beg/Int. Tap 5:30-6:10pm

Thursdays Tap III/IV* 5:15-5:55pm

Thursdays Tap IV/V* 5:15-5:55pm


Class Times:

Tuesdays Beg/Int. Jazz 6:15-6:55pm

Tuesdays Int/Adv. Jazz 7:15-7:55pm

Tuesdays Adv. Jazz* 7:15-7:55pm

Wednesdays Beg/Int. Jazz 5:30-6:10pm


Class Times:

Mondays Hip-Hop II/III 7:00-7:40pm

Wednesdays Hip-Hop IV/V* 6:15-6:55pm

Wednesdays Hip-Hop II/III 7:00-7:40pm

Wednesdays Hip-Hop Tricks 7:45-8:25pm


Class Times:

Tuesdays Level 2 (ages 10+) 5:30-6:10pm

Wednesdays Level 3* 6:15-6:55pm

Wednesdays Level 4* 7:00-7:40pm


Class Times:

Mondays Beg/Int. Lyrical 6:15-6:55pm

Mondays Beg/Int. Lyrical 7:00-7:40pm

Tuesdays Adv. Lyrical* 5:30-6:25pm


Class Times:

Mondays Barre Technique 5:15-6:10pm

Tuesdays Barre Technique 4:30-5:25pm

Company Rehearsals (subject to change)

• Comp. Jazz Technique

Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm

•Jr. Company

Thursday 5:30-6:10pm 

• Teen Company 

Thursday 6:15-6:55pm 

• Teen Select Company 

Thursday 5:30 & 7:00pm 

• Elite Teams

Thursday 6:15-8:30pm

Schedule is subject to change based on class enrollment.
  *Indicates a teacher's approval is necessary in order to enroll in the class.
**Indicates a specialty technique class with a 15 student class limit.

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