Academy Program (Ages 9+)

2024-2025 SCHEDULE

Classes begin September 16th onwards.
Private Lessons also available upon request.

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Building Technique


Experience the grace and beauty of classical ballet through our Ballet program. This formal study of ballet provides a solid foundation for dancers, introducing them to proper technique, creative expression, and the relationship between music and dance. Our experienced instructors use a variety of techniques, including barre work, center floor exercises, and across-the-floor progressions, to develop and refine ballet skills in a structured yet enjoyable way. As the foundation of most dance forms, ballet provides essential skills and knowledge that will benefit dancers throughout their entire dance journey.

Class Times:
Monday 6:30-7:15pm
Wednesday 7:15-8:00pm
Thursday 4:45-5:45pm


Bring on the energy and excitement with our invigorating Jazz program! This class combines the upbeat and stylized movement of jazz with proper technique to provide an engaging and dynamic dance experience. Each class begins with a warm-up that focuses on isolating movements and flexability before moving on to across-the-floor progressions and choreography, all set to age-appropriate music. Our experienced instructors create a supportive and inspiring environment that encourages students to develop their individual style while improving their technical skills.

Class Times:
Monday 7:15-8:00pm
Wednesday 5:45-6:30pm


Discover the joy and rhythm of tap dance through our engaging Tap program! In this class, students learn tap terminology and how to apply rhythm and timing into tap routines, building on sounds much like a musician learns to read music. Our experienced instructors guide students through longer and more complex combinations of steps and sounds over time, developing a keen sense of rhythm and timing, as well as control, balance, and coordination. Tap dance provides a fun and creative way for students to improve their musicality and develop a unique style of movement expression.

Class Times:
Monday 5:45-6:30pm
Tuesday 7:00-7:45pm


Get ready to move and groove with our dynamic Hip-Hop class! This popular and energetic dance form allows students to express themselves with freedom and style while adding their own personalities to the movements. Inspired by the latest music and trends in dance, our experienced instructors use age-appropriate hip hop music and movements to create a fun and engaging experience for students. Each class focuses on developing proper technique, rhythm, and coordination, while encouraging students to explore their own creativity and individuality.

Class Times:
Wednesday 5:00-5:45pm

Thursday 6:45-7:30pm


Roll, twist, tumble, and turn your way into a thrilling world of dance with our exciting Acro 2 class! This class is designed for students to focus on developing new skills, floorwork tricks, and tumbling conditioning in a safe and fun environment. Our experienced instructors provide a structured progression of skills and drills that allow students to develop their flexibility, strength, and coordination, while also building their confidence and creativity. With a focus on proper technique and safety, students will love the fun challenge of adding new skills and movements to their dance repertoire.

Class Times:
Monday 6:30-7:15pm

Wednesday 6:30-7:15pm


Explore the art of storytelling through dance in this lyrical class designed for beginners to intermediates. Students will learn to interpret song lyrics into expressive movement, enhancing their dance vocabulary while building a strong ballet and jazz foundation. This class encourages emotional exploration and improved technique, creating a dance experience that truly resonates.

Class Times:
Wednesday 6:30-7:15pm

Wednesday 7:15-8:00pm

Thursday 5:30-6:15pm


Embark on the exciting journey towards dancing en pointe in our Pre-Pointe class! This class is specially designed for ballet students to nurture their strength, enhancing the necessary muscles, and honing the precision required to dance en pointe. With an emphasis on correct alignment and classical ballet technique, our class ensures a safe and structured approach to this critical transition in your ballet journey. Remember, each dancer blooms at their own pace; our skilled instructors will provide personalized guidance, recommending when each student is ready to step into their first pair of pointe shoes!

Class Times:
Tuesday 7:45-8:30pm

Specialty Classes

These are non-performance classes and will not prepare a routine for our annual recitals.


Unleash your full dance potential with our Progressing Ballet Technique® class, a cutting-edge program developed by renowned dance instructor Marie Walton-Mahon. Designed to enhance progress in all dance forms, this class guides students in training their muscle memory to instinctively produce beautiful, precise movements. PBT goes beyond basic technique, placing significant focus on core stability, accurate weight placement, and perfect alignment. This strategic, physical training encourages dancers to understand the depth of movement, balance, and control their bodies possess.

Class Times:
Monday 5:00-5:45pm

mUvmethod® Flexability

Discover a new degree of movement with our mUvmethod® flexibility program, an innovative curriculum jointly created by expert physiotherapists, chiropractors, and dancers. This unique program is meticulously designed to foster the development of new skills in a nurturing environment while enhancing strength and mobility. mUvmethod® goes beyond typical flexibility training; it serves as a comprehensive guide, teaching students the nuances of their bodies. Through this program, participants gain not only improved flexibility but also a profound understanding of their body's capabilities, paving the way for safer, more effective dancing.

Class Times:
Tuesday 5:30-6:00pm


Propel your dance skills to new heights in our Turns & Progressions class, specifically crafted for dancers committed to mastering technical expertise. With a solid emphasis on personal development, this class intricately explores turns and across-the-floor combinations, aiming to boost your technique and overall control. Ideal for dancers who wish to further their skills and training, this class serves as a dedicated platform for fostering consistent growth. Uniquely, this is a non-performance class, allowing us to dedicate the entire year and every class to refining and building skills without the pressure of performance preparation.

Class Times:
Tuesday 5:00-5:30pm


Step into the spotlight with BallroomKids™! Each month, dancers embark on a thrilling journey through the world of ballroom dance, learning a new style from Cha-Cha to Waltz. Our curriculum is specially designed for young learners by a world-champion ballroom dancer, ensuring every step is age-appropriate and safe. Tailored for all skill levels, we make sure that every dancer, from beginner to advanced, shines brightly. No partner necessary! Our classes focus on individual skills in a fun, supportive group setting. Plus, our unique passport system celebrates your dancer's progress as they master each dance, creating an exciting and rewarding experience. Join BallroomKids™ and watch as each step on the dance floor brings confidence, skill, and joy!

Class Times:
Thursday 6:15-6:45pm


Enhance your dance skills with our Dance Conditioning class, created specifically for dancers striving to advance their technique and training. This class prioritizes personal development, targeting key areas such as flexibility, strength, and overall dance conditioning. By honing these critical elements, we facilitate a higher level of dance technique and performance. As a non-performance class, we dedicate the entire year to fostering technical growth, allowing students to maximize each class for skill enhancement and conditioning.

Class Times:
Thursday 5:45-6:15pm

Advanced Technique

By Recommendation.
*Multiple levels & classrooms will run for the following class times. Students will be placed by Aspire faculty through student evaluation.


Monday 8:00-8:55pm


Tuesday 7:45-8:25pm


Monday 7:15-7:55pm


Tuesday 7:00-7:40pm

Adv. Hip-Hop

Wednesday 6:30-7:10pm


Wednesday 7:15-7:55pm

Acro 3/4

Level 3/4 Wednesday 8:00-8:40pm
Level 4 Add-On Wednesday 8:45-9:00


Annual Membership Fee: $30

1 weekly class: $69/month
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Performance Costumes:
Holiday Showcase Performance-wear package (one fee covers all classes): $80
Spring Recital Costume Purchases: $85/costume

  • “Aspire is an amazing dance studio. The dance teachers and staff help build strong dancers both in and out of the classes. Through positive attitudes and staying up to date on the latest dance techniques, styles and music, teachers keep the dancers interested, focused and motivated to excel in their own abilities. Definitely a dance studio that helps build confidence while having fun!”

    “Aspire is an amazing dance studio. The dance teachers and staff help build strong dancers both in and out of the classes. Through positive attitudes and staying up to date on the latest dance techniques, styles and music, teachers keep the dancers interested, focused and motivated to excel in their own abilities. Definitely a dance studio that helps build confidence while having fun!”

    Hanna B.

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