Summer 2021

Ages 1-5

4-Week Mini-Session

July 5-27th

Tuition: $59/class time
Tuition covers 4 weeks of classes at chosen class time.

Frozen Adventures

Our all-new FROZEN ADVENTURES dance class is for dancers ages 2-3 & 4-5! Inspired by the hit movie Frozen, participants will sing, dance and act their way through 4 weeks of Frozen fun! If your little one loves Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the crew, then this class is PERFECT for you!

Ages 2-3 Mon. 4:45-5:15pm
Ages 4-5 Mon. 5:15-5:45pm

**Newly Added: Aug. Mini Session (8/9-8/30): Ages 2-3 Mon. 4:30-5:00pm

  **Newly Added: Aug. Mini Session (8/9-8/30): Ages 4-5 Mon. 5:00-5:30pm  

Princess Ballet

Calling all dancing princesses! Whether your favorite princess travels by air on a magic carpet or swims under the sea with her mermaid tail...lives in an enchanted forest or dwells under a spell in a charmed castle, you don’t want to miss this magical ballet dance class filled with adventure!

Ages 2-3 Mon. 5:15-5:45pm
Ages 2-3 Tues. 5:00-5:30pm
Ages 4-5 Mon. 4:45-5:15pm
Ages 4-5 Tues. 5:30-6:00pm

    **Newly Added: Aug. Mini Session (8/9-8/30): Ages 2-3  Mon. 5:30-6pm  

  **Newly Added: Aug. Mini Session (8/9-8/30): Ages 4-5  Mon. 6-6:30pm    

Fairy Friends

Your tiny dancer will flutter along the pixie path through the Whimsical Woodlands Forest as a ballerina fairy in this twinkling ballet class! On the way to the magical waltz, dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement as well as imaginative activities performed with the friends they meet on this enchanted journey! This fanciful class is full of fairy dancing, forest friends, glittery crafts, and so much more!

Ages 2-3 Tues. 5:30-6:00pm
Ages 4-5 Tues. 5:00-5:30pm

Hip-hop Fun!

This fun + lively hip hop class for little ones involves a journey down Rainbow Sparkle Street to the land of FancyCloud for the Hip Hop FancyCloud Face-Off! Your high energy dancers will love the funky moves and hip hop grooves (all age appropriate, of course!) as they enjoy nonstop movement and full-out fun with their crew Sugarbeam Unicorn, Boom Box Bunny and DJ Dino! Join us for fast-paced fun and super fly FancyCloud crafts!

Ages 4-5 Mon. 5:45-6:15pm

Ages 6-9

4-Week Mini-Session

July 5-27th

Tuition: $69/class time
Tuition covers 4 weeks of classes at chosen class time.

Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers Jazz

No need to hold the drama or calm down for this fun + sparkly summer dance class! If you’re a super fan of Taylor Swift, Jojo or the Descendants, then you need to jump right on this trendy tour bus as one of the topnotch dance crew members for Pastel Popstars and Rainbow Rockers! Soon, you’ll be on your way to recording a pop-rocking dance video showing all your jazz moves!

Mon. 4:45-5:25pm
Tues. 6:15-6:55pm

Ballet Beauties

Put on your tutu, get ready to twirl, and join us for this exciting Summer Ballet dance class! Dancers will learn basic ballet elements and classical movements in a fun class setting! It’ll be a “tutus & tiaras” dancing adventure as they experience teamwork, tradition and creativity while prepping for their performance debut!

Mon. 5:30-6:10pm

Danceremix Hip-hop

Grab your BFFs, and get ready to mix up your summer with our #danceREMIX! You will learn the coolest moves + grooves in this super fun Hip Hop Class! At #danceREMIX, young dancers will flex their creative muscles as they contribute to the artistic process of producing and starring in their own DANCE music video! In addition to TONS of DANCE MOVES, dancers will participate in fun activities related to style and wardrobe, props, choreography and, of course, performance! Our hip hop dance video stars should dress the part and wear their coolest, fresh + fun hip hop fashion as we will be filming swag-tastic shots each day! P.S. Unicorns, Trolls, and Emojis will be involved!! #totesfun #letsdance

Mon. 6:15-6:55pm

Tumbling Tricks

Get ready to roll, twist, tumble and turn! This Acro-tumbling dance class features new progressing skills, floorwork tricks, and tumbling conditioning for dancers with or without previous acro experience! Dancers will love the fun challenge of adding new skills and even get to take their turn at the Tumble-rrific obstacle course!!

Tues. 5:30-6:10pm

Ages 9+

3 Week Dance Intensive

Tues-Thurs, July 6-22nd

Tuition: Attend 1 Week: $175
Add a 2nd week for additional $150
Add a 3rd week for additional $125
Tuition covers Tues-Thurs training.

Join us for one week, two, or ALL THREE! Challenging daily classes include classic Ballet training, Variations, Conditioning, Choreography and MORE! Featuring daily rehearsals for “Aspirations”, a showcase performance with original choreography by Aspire faculty and student creations! Dancers that attend all three weeks will debut in our “Aspirations” video, and be eligible for a specialty role in this Fall’s Nutcracker performance.

Example Schedule- (Students are placed into classrooms based on level & ability.)

Conditioning Tuesdays

5:00-5:40pm Stretch & Strengthen
5:45-6:25pm Turns & Progressions
6:30-7:10pm Lyrical/Contemporary
7:15-7:55pm Jazz Choreography

Ballet Wednesdays

5:00-6:30pm Classical Ballet
6:30-7:00pm Variations
7:00-8:00pm Ballet Choreography

Rehearsal Thursdays

5:00-6:00pm Ballet Choreography
6:00-7:00pm Jazz Choreography
7:00-8:00pm Student Choreography Creation.

Video recording will take place on Thursday, July 22nd.

Virtual Summer Classes

4-Week Mini-Session

July 5-31st

Tuition: $79
Tuition covers unlimited virtual weekly classes.

Dancily Fully Virtual Weekly Classes!

Log-in from home up to 6 days per week and take a fun, themed dance class carefully designed for ages 2-6 or 5-11. You can bring all the fun of dance class right to your living room every day!⁠

Dancers will gain access to ALL DANCILY classes available for their age group - Up to 7+ classes per week⁠

Includes Dance At Home Prop Kit

Themed classes and choreography

Engaging teachers, friends, and real connections

Weekly crafts & print-at-home activities

Dress Up and search for props from home

Interactive and Engaging

Printable coloring sheets and activities

Attend up to 7+ different class times per week!